Solution Excellence

Our first mission is to convert the perfect solutions according to the needs of our investors, such as renewable energy investments, foremost solar energy, energy storage systems, electric vehicles, and the internet that connects the structures of the objects proven to be of commercial value in the areas of responsibility that we carry the latest technology products and services.


We aim to be the leading force of global energy transformation by ensuring that more investors are involved in this ecosystem by creating professional teams and system infrastructures that will accurately understand the needs of every investor thinking of investing in clean energy and technologies of the future and develop perfect solutions for these needs.


– Correct understanding of investors ‘ concerns and needs
– Ensure that the necessary value of Engineering Solutions is revealed.
– Reveal the strength and abilities of young people, provide much more work opportunities.
– Communicate correctly and effectively.
– Reach more people and share more.
– Providing excellent solutions in business lines that are our focus.
– To be a pioneer and follower of change without deviating from our priority issues.
– The systems we build to maximize the productivity of our stakeholders.
– Not to perceive the truth as our own truth alone.
– Using innovation and change as a driving force for progress.

Who are we?

“Businesses continue to exist only because people want them to exist. “SOLEX; with its knowledge and experience, is a company established to produce solutions that add value to the needs of all its stakeholders within the framework of the core values that we have stated today’s excellent solutions in the footsteps of the ideal vision we want to achieve in the future.


*Michael E.Gerber

What Are We Doing?

We have set out to offer you excellent solutions on the above four issues.

How Can We Help You?

Solution Excellence