Electromobility, or e-mobility, is a generic term for the development of electrically powered powertrains designed to divert Vehicle Design away from the use of fossil fuels. Electromobility includes all-electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and those using hydrogen fuel cell technology. Charging stations, energy and communication infrastructures that support electromobility also serve as units that give life to this ecosystem.

In addition to electric cars, electric motorcycles and scooters have also taken their place in urban transport. Reducing charging time and extending the distance opens the way for more use of electric vehicles.

In addition, batteries used for electromobility in the world have the potential to become batteries of BESS systems in the future. As part of SOLEX-electromobility, technical consulting services on the infrastructures needed by transport vehicles, as well as studies on the evaluation of Service and out-of-use batteries are aimed. As part of SOLEX-AC/DC charging services, it is aimed to install and operate charging stations of electric vehicles.

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